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May 29, 2023

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What really makes a desk stand out to me is the collection of stationery items placed on top of it (and also the manner in which they are placed). The true value and efficiency of your desk lie in the

What really makes a desk stand out to me is the collection of stationery items placed on top of it (and also the manner in which they are placed). The true value and efficiency of your desk lie in the smart assortment of designs you adorn it with – these are after all the objects that are gonna help you get through your workday, and directly or indirectly affect your productivity. It’s imperative to have a collection that really lets you work easily, efficiently, and effectively. And, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and nifty stationery designs that you must own! From an everlasting all-metal pencil to minimal Japanese drawing pads – these are the modern stationery designs you need to meet your modern stationery needs.

The Everlasting Metal Pencil is almost like a Wacom stylus that has a tip that never needs to be replaced or sharpened. It’s an innovative pencil that enables you to focus completely on your creative process, and on the lead less.

The octagonal shaft is made of aluminum and houses a special alloy core. Knowing that, you might think that all it will do is leave heavy grooves on your paper, but your mind might be blown away when it draws like a real pencil without seeing the tip wear down even after dozens of marks.

The Horizon Helvetica® is an artist-oriented piece of EDC designed to replace conventional stationery kits. And this year it has a new companion – the Horizon Key®.

The Horizon Key® is a keychain-friendly multitool that not only looks, but also functions as a scale, a hex wrench, a bottle opener, a basic protractor, a flat-head screwdriver, a mini-saw, and a wire ripper.

This woodworking wonder is called the ONEBOX, and it combines multiple different tools into an intriguing interlocking Jenga-like structure, using the same traditional mortise and tenon jointing technique seen for centuries in large-scale buildings in ancient times.

When assembled, the ONEBOX looks just like any ordinary wooden box. Pull the pieces apart and you discover that each piece is, in fact, a stationery tool or fidget toy.

This simple yet beautiful Japanese drawing pad is what you need to get those brilliant ideas flowing from your brain. The black canvas invites your mind to pour out ideas, while the physicality and texture of the paper serve as an anchor for your brain.

It is perfect for sketching art, creating designs, and any other creative pursuit, accepting your ideas and your mistakes with the serenity and openness of a blank page.

The Gravity Pen is pretty intriguing since it puts the center of gravity closer to where your fingers are, making it easier to make agile strokes. The pen does that by having a grip that’s larger than the barrel, expanding the area of the grip for a more comfy hold.

The faceted form of that grip also makes it easier to grip the pen, allowing for a more stable grip as well. It’s the ultimate ergonomic pen design, thanks to a smart application of physics and minimalist design principles.

Called the Note, this small desk whiteboard lets you take notes with the utmost efficiency. Except it’s no ordinary note taker, it has a few tricks up its sleeve and adds some fun and spice to your work.

The “whiteboard” twists or rather flips over, giving you twice the space to write your notes down. One side can have a dotted grid surface to help with diagrams, while the other can be plain, or they can have the same design on both sides. As with any vertical slate, you can also place sticky notes on it, in case scribbling notes down on paper is quicker for you.

Designed to be a stylish and elegant addition to your workdesk, the Oakywood Wooden Cubic Pot can easily and efficiently store your stationery, or be used to pot some greenery. It features a cup holder to pot a mini-plant!

The unique dual-purpose design of the pot makes it a functional and excellent addition to your desk space. It features a stainless-steel insert to protect the wood from moisture and dirt. The surface of the pot has been coated with eco-wax oil, making it smooth to the touch.

The Scissors with Base is a pretty unique design since it features wide flat blades that mimic industrial tools and a black Japanese steel body that is super durable. The scissors perfectly combine minimalistic good looks with excellent functionality.

The Scissors with Base are not a brutish tool that needs to be stowed away. Their simple design sets them apart from other desk items. The extruded part of one of the finger rings, or the “tang,” becomes a visual anchor that guides the gaze toward the scissors’ center, drawing attention to their sturdy blades.

The Forest Tidy is a set of neat and sturdy containers and stands carved from rosewood, that brings a whole new level of organization to your desk while tying into the wooden nature of the furniture around you.

By splitting your workspace belongings into different categories, the Forest Tidy organizational kit gives you space for stationery, tech, EDC, cables, and even a dedicated stand for your monitor along with a stowaway space for your keyboard and mouse.

The Levitating Pen 3.0 is exactly what it sounds like! The pen looks like it is suspended in its holder at a 23.5-degree angle, and is intended to be a luxurious and grand writing instrument with a Schmidt ballpoint cartridge that makes the pen sturdy and easy to hold.

When done writing, you close the pen’s magnetic cap with a satisfying click and position the pen in its holder that has been magnetized to keep the pen floating in that position. To add to the fun, a simple twist leaves the pen spinning in its place for a good 20 seconds, allowing you to interact with the pen on a whole new level!

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